Waste Infrastructure, Design,  Management and Implementation

The GEP Consulting team can provide all the professional expertise necessary to take waste projects  of any scale from initial concepts through to detailed design and commissioning.

The collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste in all its forms is an issue for all organisations and jurisdictions. The waste management philosophies developed by GEP Consulting has a core strategy of waste prevention, minimisation,  reuse,  recycling, energy recovery and final disposal.

Our pragmatic and technology agnostic approach to producing cost-effective,  buildable designs and environmentally acceptable schemes ensures our client’s projects gain planning approval where required and satisfy budgetary and programme objectives.

We advise on all waste treatment technologies –  including energy from waste,  CHP, anaerobic and aerobic composting,  anaerobic digestion, advanced thermal treatment and techniques such as transport-efficient waste collection systems.

GEP Consulting also provides advice on all stages of waste strategy development  – from inception to adoption. We review existing waste strategies, planning policies and strategic environmental assessments and advise on technology options and technical, environmental, financial and regulatory risks.

Our technology expertise can be summarised as follows :

  • Energy recovery and the link to energy and heat policies
  • Advanced thermal treatment
  • MBT & AD
  • Composting & IVC
  • Mass balance & material flows
  • Architectural design and layout,  modelling & 3D visualisation
  • Life cycle assessment
  • ROCS, biomass and renewables
  • Waste process engineering  – process design and layout
  • Operations permitting and compliance
  • Project management  –  construction project management

Our experience and resources mean that our clients can be confident of well-informed technology selection throughout the range of any given project.

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