GEP Consulting is a UK based environmental advisory and consultancy organisation specialising in renewable energy and sustainable development. We are strategically located to assist in the efficient delivery of successful projects both at home and abroad. Our aim is to provide independent, technically-led advice and management support, using our range of highly experienced consultants to work individually or with clients’ professional teams.

Our diverse professional team provides expert technical, environmental and planning support and advice to utilities, developers, investors,  industry, communities and the public sector throughout the entire project life-cycle from feasibility to implementation.

We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from the early stages of site selection, feasibility,  technology assessment and design appraisal right through to project management of the construction phase and operation and maintenance.

To date,  GEP Consulting and its retained/associated consultants  have assessed over 350  renewable energy technologies and developments internationally and this figure is growing rapidly every month.  We take pride in providing honest, independent and impartial advice on green energy technologies and are genuinely ‘technology agnostic’.

Mitigation of climate change and escalating fossil fuel costs will transform the way that businesses operate in the future and bring sustainable product development to the top of everyone’s agenda. GEP Consulting is able to offer a range of Consulting and advisory services that will provide our clients with the competitive edge they need to develop a new wave of cleaner, more sustainable projects.  We strongly believe that a green attitude is by no means at odds with business objectives – everyone benefits.

GEP Consulting’s broad range of services includes provision of strategic environmental advice, such as assessments on sustainability, biodiversity or waste and energy usage to confirm and develop a project’s green credentials.

We prepare master plans and obtain development consents for both ‘greenfield’ and ‘brownfield’ projects.  The ability to bring together a wide range of in-house and out-sourced specialists to work on complex development schemes gives rise to synergies that help speed up the development process and reduce costs.

We advocate a ‘no surprises’ approach.  Detailed baseline knowledge allows us to design the development to the site,  rather than trying to engineer expensive remedial measures at a later date.

We believe that our willingness to offer ‘transparent advice’ to our clients coupled with practical realism sets us apart from our competitors.

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