Financial planning & Modelling

The renewable energy sector is massively capital hungry and with traditional sources of capital for renewable energy infrastructures constrained, the sector needs to look at new avenues of investment. Despite the recent growth in investment, capital scarcity remains the single biggest inhibitor to growth in renewable energy infrastructure investments.

With our several years of experience in the sector, knowledge in handling varied green/renewable energy projects and our regular inter-action with many funding sources, we are in a position to analyse your funding requirement and help with business planning, deal structuring, financial modelling, market studies, competitor analysis and prospectus writing, leading to capital raising.

GEP Consulting also works closely with our clients to advise them on current issues and opportunities in the area of Environmental Finance.

With an entrepreneurial background and relevant experience in all of these tasks GEP Consulting can help package and market your renewable or conventional energy project by offering support in the following areas ;

  • Polish a business plan
  • Complete a financial model
  • Transaction structuring
  • Write a term sheet
  • Prepare and conduct a marketing campaign
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Close on financing

GEP Consulting works closely with our clients to advise them on current issues and opportunities in the area
of Environmental Finance. We can help clients develop the right strategies to position their business for the financial innovations the new Carbon Finance Markets will create.

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