Architectural and Building Design

GEP Consulting and its alliance partners provides niche architectural consultancy services that specialise in Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) and waste developments.  More specifically, we undertake:

  • Site appraisals
  • Masterplanning
  • Concept design
  • Planning and procurement
  • Review of contractor’s proposals for construction.

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures the delivery of imaginative and sustainable solutions to enhance quality of life and ensure every project’s long-term success through efficient use of resources, minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact   –  we make every effort to achieve long term value for our clients by always striving to reduce whole life costs.

Whilst being committed to design excellence we are,  nevertheless,   commercial,  technology agnostic and mindful to provide ‘value for money’ project designs that will be appropriate in a competitive commercial environment. Successful architectural design requires creative flair – combined with commercial pragmatism and genuine environmental awareness.

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