GEPC in conjunction with the Aeternum team are developing documentation,  designs and an Environmental Statement in connection with a Full Planning Application for a ‘Bio-Park’ in Castleford which is expected to be submitted to the Local Authority in Q3/4 of 2012.

The site is an industrial site located to the north east of the town centre of Castleford, approximately 5 minutes away on foot.  It is sandwiched between the riverside of the Aire and a residential suburb to the north of the town centre.  The Castleford development incorporates a range of diverse land uses including the following :

  • Biomass to Liquid Biofuel plant
  • Biomass fuel handling/preparation facilities
  • CHP Plant
  • Industrial Units (B2
  • Weighbridges
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Rail Freight Terminal
  • River Wharf
  • Visitors/Education Centre
  • Green Industries Zone
  • Petrol Filling Station
  • Food Retail Store
  • Residential development

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